Bath-o-Mat & Washeteria Bottle - 100dpi.png

Bath-o-mat & Washeteria



ABV: 6.4%
IBU: 35
TIME IN OAK: 4 months
HOPS: Hallertau & Tettnang
GRAINS: Pilsner, Teff, Couscous, & Crystal 30
SPECIAL INGREDIENTS: 95 Lemons, Lemon Peel, Saffron, & Almonds

This saison was brewed in collaboration with our beloved friends from Tired Hands Brewing Company. We used a base of Pilsner malt, Crystal 30, Teff, Almonds, and Couscous and hopped it exclusively with Hallertau and Tettnang hops. Additions of saffron and lemon bring aromas of Jolly Pumpkin funk, spicy oak and lemon in the nose. Flavors of light oak funk and lemon pair well with the slight spiciness and noble hop profile.

So how did we come up with the name? Well…When it came time to name this beer Jean wanted to call it Alien Baphomet, which was too scary for us. Instead, we chose Bath-o-mat & Washeteria, which is close enough and possibly equally scary! Inspired by a stay across the street from our dear friend Polly’s Washeteria, Prytania Washateria, located in the hauntingly beautiful city of New Orleans.

Mornings, I live in a world of darkness populated by demons born of my anxiety ridden mind. Waiting for the sun to rise.

Evenings, I meet them at the washeteria, joking and reminiscing, drinking beer and doing the laundry. Waiting for the sun to rise.

Cheers & Mahalo plenty!
Ron Jeffries, Founder and Chief Squeegee Operator